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Duy Beni: 1x2

Hear Me (2)

Finding the mask in Kanat’s locker, Ekim asks Selçuk for help, telling him that it was Kanat who hit Leyla. Selcuk’s questioning of Kanat not only brings Aziz face to face with his father Rıza, but also escalates the tension in the family. Kanat intimidates him through Bekir to prevent Ekim’s attempts to reveal the truth. Things don’t go well for Ayşe either. Punishment by his father makes the situation worse. The tension between Melisa and October is also increasing. Melisa, mad at the possibility of Kanat getting closer to October, takes various moves to eliminate Ekim. On the other hand, Ekim is exposed to a very ugly game as a result of her connection with Kanat. The people at the school decide to give a very heavy sentence to Ekim and Bekir for this crime.

Duy Beni: Sezona 1 Epizoda 2
Jul. 14, 2022

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