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Duy Beni: 1x5

Episode 5

The game that Ekim set up to unmask the bullies is jeopardized when her photo with Kanat is published. While Ekim is losing at her own game, when Leyla sees this photo, an abyss comes between the two. While Ekim and Kanat pursue the person who published the photo separately, Leyla is angry with both Ekim and Kanat. The public release of the photo pushes Melisa further against Ekim. With the information Ozan received from Bekir, they discover Ekim’s soft spot. They plan to hit her from an unexpected place. Ekim sees someone she never expected next to the bullies. As Bahar and Selim continue to fight the hierarchy at school, Bahar begins to feel helpless and useless. Selim becomes her biggest supporter to get rid of these feelings and stop blaming herself. While everyone is at war with each other at Gerçek college, Aziz is on the sidelines, trying to set up another game alone. This game causes Ekim to learn a shocking truth about Kanat.

Duy Beni: Sezona 1 Epizoda 5
Aug. 04, 2022

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